History of The HardNox Skoolerz Dance Company:

The HardNox Skoolerz (Skoolerz/HNS) is a group of street dance performers from Toronto Ontario Canada and the GTA that covers a variety of dance/disciplines, which includes, B-Boying, House Dancing (NuSkool), along with Gymnastics and the Martial Arts (Tae Kwon-Do and Capoeira). The group consists of dancers that have a passion for the freestyling of the dance(s) of the Hip Hop culture.

Back in 1996 while Logik, (co-founder of the “The HardNox Skoolerz”  and founder of “BobbyNox Clothing Line”) was in college studying Business & Marketing, he developed the concept and created the clothing line “BobbyNox” which was a school project that became reality. In September of 1997…, Logik along with twin brother Rocabye (co-founder/president of HNS) wanted to make BobbyNox come alive physically by creating a dance group to represent the clothing line for promotional purposes. After a phone call to a childhood friend and old skool B-boy, Chi Ko (who is credited for introducing the twins to B-Boying in the summer of 1983) and with the addition in late 1997 of Manchez (formally from Versitile Click), The Skoolerz was now the dance crew for BobbyNox Clothing Line consisting of the three original members, Rocabye, Chi ko and Manchez. As of July 1998, HNS officially registered under the name, “The HardNox Skoolerz Dance Company”.

In 1998 Airbourne a former gymnast joined the crew and Logik, Rocabye’s dance partner since 1988 to 1994 laced up his kicks after a 4 year break. In the winter and summer of 2000, Tekk and Lucky (formally from Intikit B-boy crew) joined the Skoolerz bringing with them a new level of intensity to and already eclectic group of dancers. In late fall of 2000 Jiveatron who is also a childhood friend of Lucky’s,  joined The HardNox Skoolerz rounding off the core membership of the crew.

The HardNox Skoolerz is a family of dancers. A crew that thrives off each others skills and personalities…bettering one self as a dancer and individual.

Currently individual members of the Skoolerz teach the art of street dancing through regular classes and workshops throughout Toronto and the GTA.


HNS – Generation2:

The new additions to the Skoolerz are young dancers with great passion for the the Hip Hop Culture and it’s Street Dances. New members are:

BBoy “JOne”
BBoy “Stylez”
BGirl “L-Rock”
Popper “Shintai”
Bboy “Agile”
Freestyle Dancer “Bounce”

Behind The Name:

The name, “The HardNox Skoolerz was decided upon to represent the BobbyNox Clothing Line in fashion shows and in other promotional capacities as well as hip hop dance. The word HardNox implies the impact the crew will leave in the way it represents through dance.  Nox at the end of HardNox is the connector to BobbyNox.  And Skoolerz…, spelt as hip hop lingo represents the old/new skool era of hip hop that inspires us as well as representing our continuing learning and teaching of our Hip Hop/Life experiences through throw-downs, performing and workshops.