Name: Rod Oyco (A.K.A. Chi Ko)

Year of Birth: 1974

Sign: Taurus


Dance Discipline: B-boying

Dance History/Achievements:

• B-boying since 1984 at the age of 10

• stopped in 1986 when “break dancing” wasn’t cool anymore!?!? Lol.

• pure Ol’Skool style, a little Nu Skool B-boying

• started again in 1992/1993

• semi retired in 2001 (getting to old!?!?)

• original member of The HardNox Skoolerz since 1997

In 1985 I took part in a B-boy battle at the Bay store in the Scarborough Town Center, Toronto Ontario. (The only crew I can remember was the Zodiac Breakers). I got on stage during intermission, and began to do “swipes”, one of my Chinese slippers flew off and hit a spectator in the face. Everyone was laughing, but not at me, they were laughing at the guy that got hit, at least I don’t think they were laughing at me, I didn’t care I was only 11 years old.

Other Achievements: In 2001 I became Co-Owner of BobbyNox International Clothing co.