Name: Jake Obiacoro (A.K.A. JiveAtron)

Year of Birth: 1979

Sign: Pisces


Dance Discipline: B-boying, Poping and Locking. Has some Ball room background due to his mom needing a dance partner in her classes, which includes Waltz, Fox Trot, Rhumba and Cha Cha.


Dance History/Achievements:

• starting dancing with HNS in November 2000

• been dancing since 1993

• fooled around with B-boying when he was 3 because of his older brother and friends  were involved with it themselves

• his cousin from California re-introduced him to B-boying in the summer of 1992

• took B-boying seriously in 1994 with his best friend Lucky

Other Achievements: Has his MCSE, C.N.A.

(Computer Networking Genius) Console gaming expert