Name: Robin Coltez (A.K.A. Rocabye)

Year of Birth: 1974

Sign: Virgo


Dance Discipline: B-boying, Hip Hop routine dancing, Freestyle Hip Hop/House Dancing and Salsa.

With over 28 years of dancing Robin has chosen the hybrid form of Hip Hop House dancing (NuSkool) as his choice of style. NuSkool to Robin is a form of self expression were anything goes.

In 1983 Robin and twin brother Collin were introduced to B-boying and the Hip Hop Culture by their childhood friend and crew member Rod Oyco aka Chi Ko. This was the beginning for the love of hip hop and it’s physical art.

Starting in 1988 Robin had partnered with Collin for a total of six years. In 1991 while while competing in a local Toronto competition; 1st place being a trip to New York city and performing at the famed Apollo Theatre… Robin and Collin executed a blindfolded routine, which has yet to be duplicated.

In 1993 Robin and Collin danced as members of a Hip Hop group UBIS (Upward Bound to the Inner Sound). During this time UBIS was rated one of the top Ten groups in Canada. A highlight of Robins’ career while with UBIS was being an opening act at the Concert Hall on April 17th1993 for Nervous Recording Artist BLACK MOON and – Delicious Vinyl Recording Artists THE PHARCYDE .

As 1994 rolled in, Freestyle Hip Hop/House Dancing became a staple of Robin’s dance style… thanks to the influence and being down with BadXample, one of Toronto’s/Canada’s best Hip Hop/House Dance crews.

In 1997 along with his twin brother; Robin established The HardNox Skoolerz Dance Group. During that time, he has been seen in numerous commercial videos and television programs.

Since 2000 Robin has been teaching B-boying and House Dancing through workshops as well as running the Street Dance Classes at Rhythm Dynamix Dance studio in Oshawa from 2002 to 2011.

As of 2008 Robin started a new company known as Fat Laces which is an on-line magazine that documents the street dance scene from a Canadian perspective. Through Fat Laces… The Art Of Breaking is a dance program that teaches the history and movements of one of the first dances of the Hip hop culture in various communities throughout the GTA.

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Other Achievements: Robin has…

• co-founded the BobbyNox Clothing Line

• earned a position on the Toronto Blue Jays B-boying team known as “J Force”