Name: Collin Coltez (A.K.A. Logik)

Year of Birth: 1974

Sign: Virgo


Dance Discipline: Popping, Hip Hop routine dancing, House dancing (Nuskool) and Salsa.

Dance History/Achievements: Starting in 1988 Collin has partnered with his twin brother Robin for a total of six years. In 1991 while while competing in a local Toronto competition; 1st place being a trip to New York city and performing at the famed Apollo Theatre… Collin and Robin executed a blindfolded routine, which has yet to be duplicated.

In 1993 Collin and Robin danced as members of a Hip Hop group UBIS (Upward Bound to the Inner Sound). During this time UBIS was rated one of the top Ten groups in Canada. A highlight of Collins’ career while with UBIS was being an opening act at the Concert Hall on April 17th1993 for Nervous Recording Artist BLACK MOON and – Delicious Vinyl Recording Artists THE PHARCYDE .


In 1997 along with his twin brother; Collin established The HardNox Skoolerz Dance Group.

Other Achievements: In 1996 Collin was founder of BobbyNox International Clothing Co.