Name: Mike Masangkay (A.K.A. Manchez)

Year of Birth: 1976

Sign: Sagitarius


Dance Discipline: B-boying, House Dancing (Nu Skool)

Dance History/Achievements: I Started  B-boying for fun at 16 years of age. It was official when a group of friends in high school said that I was a part of their group called “ VERSITILE CLICK”. At the time I had no idea what it was really for, because I didn’t  put much through into it. As practices and fun dance circles were taking place to motivate each other, my feelings about dancing became serious. It then all became exciting, real and competitive as soon as I was “BATTLING” other groups of dancers all around Ontario. After two years I decided to lay back and relax from B-boying. There were many controversies regarding competitions. Some lead to jealousy, fights, then war. I felt that this would get me into trouble, so I left the scene for almost a year. Still I continued dancing on my own practicing in my basement. After that year I met Robin a.k.a. Rocabye and Rod a.k.a. Chi Ko of The HardNox Skoolerz, around 1998. I then joined. We practiced and performed as a group representing BobbyNox International Clothing Co. I, Manchez am currently a member of the group and will continue to support my “Friends”. Peace to all.