Name: Carlos Moralas (A.K.A. Lucky)

Year of Birth: 1979

Sign: Virgo


Dance Discipline: B-boying and Nuskool dancing

(Hip Hop Jazz-freestyle dancing)

Dance History/Achievements:

– started dancing in 1994

– joined Intrikit B-boy crew in 1996 – 1998

– during this time shows performed is as follows:

– 1996 EPMD (opening act)

– 1997 Beastie Boys (Molson park – opening act)

– 1998 – Booty Call (movie)

– 1998 – Rap City intro and Da Mix intro (Much Music)

In 2000 joined The HardNox Skoolerz Dance Group

– while still B-boying Carlos added House dancing (Nuskool) to his repertoire

– in 2002 started teaching dance classes

– 2003 regular dancer for the Toronto Show – show opening, commercial breaks and show closing

– August 2003 New York Minute – dancer (movie with the Olson twins)

– since 2002 Carlos has been performing and running dance workshops for the

City of Kitchener. As of May 2004 Carlos and The HardNox Skoolerz have implemented the “Throw Down Dance Workshop Series”


Other Achievements: Some highlights of my dancing career was performing as the opening act at the Beastie Boys concert at Molson park. The other was Throwing down in a circle with Black Eyed Peas after their concert at the Opera House.